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Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey 

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Privatization in Turkey

When it comes to "Privatization in Turkey", we are talking about a comprehensive and a radical programme. 15 years ago, it was just a controversial idea. Now, it is a national policy implemented by every government an supported by public opinion. Total income from privatization implementations over US $ 10 billion. Every step brings us closer to a stronger and more competitive economy. That's why, we call it very important privatization.

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Turkey, one of the fastest growing economies of the world has positioned itself as an attractive and promising investment environment through the implementation free trade principles and establishment of dynamic capital markets as well as offering liberal incentives facilitating transactions for international investors and exporters.

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Privatization Implementations in Turkey During Period 1985 - 2007

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Companies within the Privatization Portfolio:

Since 1985, state shares in 245 companies, 103 establishment, 22 incomplete plants, 8 toll motorways, 2 bosporus bridges, 1 service unit and 393 real estates and 6 ports have been taken into the privatization portfolio. Currently there are 14 companies in the privatization portfolio.

Parallel to the Government of Turkey’s policies aiming for increased economic efficiency and competitiveness in public sectors and in keeping with the growth in size in privatisation of state-owned Turkish entities, Alcan’s practice has evolved accordingly. Our corporate and M&A team advises international investors, financial advisers and Turkish government agencies on major privatisation projects in Turkey including petrochemicals, steel, telecommunications, energy, refinery, tobacco and banking.

• Advice on laws and regulations, including without limitation, the Banks Act and its relevant legislation, from a Turkish law perspective;

• Drafting, reviewing, negotiating and finalizing agreements and documents related to your company Merger & Acquisitions project from a legal perspective; and

• Providing legal assistance and advice on various legal matters.

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Alcan Law
Founded in Istanbul in 1973, ALCAN is a full service law firm. The corporate client base of includes both international and Turkish domestic corporate clients. Our firm places a particular emphasis on cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture transactions, corporate finance transactions (including banking, public offerings and private placement transactions), and commercial litigation, including an execution and bankruptcy practice. 

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey We have provided sophisticated legal advice and services to many global organizations for more than 35 years. Our team are supported by advanced technologies.

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey At ALCAN, we combine our energetic approach with our long-standing reputation as a provider of efficient legal services, using focused teams of attorneys and legal assistants in a cost-effective manner.

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey Our Clients

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey We believe client interests are at the very heart of our business, and we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do for them,

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey We believe in long-term relationships with our clients based on openness and honesty,

 Privatization in Turkey, privatisation in Turkey We respect and meet our obligations as professionals.

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